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  • D-1 before Cajsa Raya Collection 2024 launching!

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in frame : Ren Broken White

  • We introduce you our new collection :

Saki Slingback Sandals
- Saki Black
- Saki Silver
- Saki Red

Ren Ballerina Flats
- Ren Broken White
- Ren Silver
- Ren Lilac

Sada Slingback Heels
- Sada Champagne
- Sada Silver

Release date :
Thursday, February, 29th 2024
10.00 wib

For further information please ask us by write your comments below.

  • Diadaptasi dari frasa Jepang, Sada memiliki arti “murni” dan menjadi simbol harapan lahirnya kemurnian hati dan jiwa bersamaan dengan momen rilisnya koleksi Cajsa Raya 2024 nanti.

Cajsa Sada Heels terdiri dari dua pilihan warna :
- Cajsa Sada Champagne
- Cajsa Sada Silver

Coming Soon . .
Cajsa Raya Collection

  • Dear Teman Cajsa..
Have you completed your flat shoes collection with our Broken White series?

With limited stock available, don't wait any longer! Visit Cajsa's official website or marketplace via the link in bio. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

  • Have you ever heard that matcha color is suggests calmness and healing power from forests? Thats why it is used as both a primary color and an accent in interior design and also fashion item.

Now, this Cajsa Aoki Matcha’s still available in limited stock and size. Go get them now before it running out of stock. Tap link in our bio to visit our marketplace or website. 

  • Adakah diantara Teman Cajsa yang ingat pertama kali Cajsa berkolaborasi bersama @jennaandkaia.official ?

Pertama kali Carra Shoes rilis dengan material velvet dengan beberapa pilihan warna. Dan di bulan Oktober tahun lalu, Cajsa bersama Jenna and Kaia merilis Carra Shoes dengan material kulit (sheep nappa leather).

Saat ini tersedia beberapa stock pilihan warna, silakan kunjungi website dan marketplace Cajsa.

Siapa disini yang sudah punya produk Carra Shoes?
Lebih suka Carra Shoes material velvet atau material kulit?

In frame : Carra Silver Shoes

  • Reflections of Sora Broken White.

  • Make a bold statement and walk confidently with every step you take in Aoki's black patent shoes from Cajsa.

Get yours, check out our Website and Marketplace links on Cajsa's instagram bio.

  • Simple, minimal, effortless. 
That's the essence of our favorite Cajsa Nobu Silver. 

Kepikiran terus dengan koleksi favorit dari Cajsa yang belum sempat kamu checkout? 
No worries, Beberapa produk masih tersedia di website dan marketplace Cajsa. Jangan sampai terlewatkan, yuk segera cek link di bio instagram Cajsa.

  • From its velvety touch to its maroon depths, it's more than just a material; it's a statement of passion and refinement.

Aoki Velvet Maroon isn't just admired; it's venerated, hailed as an emblem of timeless elegance and sophistication that defies fleeting fashion fads and remains eternally chic.

  • Cajsa is crafted with precision and care, each stitch in the process of stitching the materials for flat shoes embodies a dedication to quality and comfort. 
From the supple touch of the material to the meticulous craftsmanship, each step celebrates the art and tradition of fine shoemaking, ensuring a product that not only exudes style but also stands the test of time.

  • broken white embraces the beauty found in subtle flaws and life experiences. 

In fashion and design, it symbolizes a unique charm, an elegance arising from time and the stories within each mark or crease. It reminds us that perfection isn't the goal; instead, it's about appreciating the character and authenticity that come from life's journey. 

In frame: Aoki Broken White 
Still available in limited stock! 
Visit our Website and mMarketplace, link in our bio!

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